Citrine is an extraordinary stone endowed with a unique shade✨
Such refined gems have lemon, orange, wine, honey, gold, amber or yellow-brown hues. 
Depending on the shade and method of production, the "sunstone" has varieties:
🔅Pale yellow shade. This is the natural color of the stone. Such citrine is found: in the Urals, Madagascar, Spain, Brazil, as well as in France.
Golden-yellow in color. The most widespread occurrence of this color is in the Volodarsk-Volynskoe deposit in Ukraine. 
🔅Honey-colored and bright orange. Stones of such colors are especially appreciated. They resemble the well-known type of wine, that's why they are called "Madera". Bright, saturated colors are obtained by heat treatment of quartz.
Greenish-yellow Citrine is not gem-quality as it loses its color shade when exposed to daylight and changes in temperature.