A ring with Shri Yantra symbolism👀 How does it work?

The effect of Sri Yantra is powerful and multifaceted. It contains all of Creation. Its contemplation opens the deepest layers of the subconsciousness, helping to penetrate into the mysteries of the universe.

Sri Yantra is an image of the Primordial Creating Energy.

By meditating on this yantra, one can receive an additional charge, help and support from Sri Shakti, as well as realize and connect with one's inner energy.

Sri Yantra represents the union of the masculine and feminine, as a result of which the universe is born.

Thus, contemplation of Sri Yantra harmonizes the masculine and feminine energies within a person and opens channels of creativity and self-realization.✨

Meditation on Sri Yantra should be done with concentration in Bindu. When the mind is stilled, one should gradually extend one's attention to the entire Yantra.
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Are you familiar with Yantra practices in Hinduism?