A special new moon in august 2022- august 27🌙


The new moon in Virgo debuts in the morning hours of August 27, opening the last lunar cycle of the summer season.
This is the perfect time to open a new page in your life and make wellness-oriented plans for the future.

The new moon in August finds the Sun and Moon lining up in the down-to-earth sign of Virgo and bringing to the forefront issues related to well-being, daily affairs and general self-improvement. This bright explosion of Virgo energy may inspire you to incorporate new healthy habits into your daily life.

Virgo appreciates cleanliness and order, so on this new moon, let your inner perfectionist take notes on everything you'd like to streamline - whether it's the clutter on your desk or your constantly cluttered emotions.

🤔 This lunar day will not be without its challenges, however. The new moon will converge with the warrior planet Mars, testing your patience. Although you may feel prompted to take immediate action, trust that it's best to wait until any emotions have cooled. Protect your peace and be prepared to adapt to changing circumstances.
It is important to remember that new moons, full moons, and waning moons are "hard" days for which it is best not to plan anything.

Do you feel the effects of the planets on you and your decision making?