An amulet with the symbol of Metatron, which, according to the legends, contains all the forms that exist in the universe. Any other forms are made up of those contained in this Metatron symbol. They are the building blocks for everything that can be seen or felt.

As an amulet, the Metatron symbol has powerful protective properties. The pendant is able to help protect against evil forces and negative influences of a magical nature.

In addition, it helps to learn the essence of what is happening, develop psychic and magical abilities.

The best thing about sacred geometry is that you can start with what you want and finish it without stopping (meaning that you can draw a figure without taking a pencil away). There are a few of the most important figures commonly found in the ruins of ancient civilizations. The Metatron cube is one of them.
Understanding the Metatron Cube will give you vivid meaning and a better understanding of the flower of life👍

And when combined with earrings with the same symbol-you will have a set👍
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