An EARTHLY MIRACLE at a depth of 300 meters💎

Sometimes you just have to look around to see a miracle✨
And sometimes you have to go down to a depth of 300 meters in the Mexican city of Naica, Chihuahua, and see the unique interweaving of huge transparent crystals of selenite (a crystalline form of gypsum), reaching record sizes (the biggest weighs 50 tons).
Giant formations several hundred thousand years were in the underground cavity filled with water.
But now the water has been pumped out, the object is under the study of geologists and biologists, and is closed to tourists (who have tried for commercial purposes or with the purpose of extracting a souvenir to get into this place). Geologists call this non-handmade Mexican miracle the "Sistine Chapel of Crystals", thus alluding to its beauty and uniqueness.
Isn't it incredible?
The cave contains in its depths impressive crystals, which, like giant rays, cut through the space along and across, creating a truly fantastic spectacle.
Scientists study the structure of the crystals, the conditions of their formation, the organisms inside them, while wearing special suits and diving to a depth of no more than 30 minutes.
After the study, it is planned to flood the cave again and leave the crystals in their natural environment. Would you like to see this miracle?