Isn't that why we girls are ready to do almost anything for the sake of these eye-catching stones? But just think: if you take, for example, an exclusive Christian Dior dress, put ketchup stains on it, and then go to the fashion show, will the outfit have the desired effect? No. The darkened and cracked jewelry will look like ..... So today I want to share the secrets of taking care of jewelry made of natural stones.
Jewelry is negatively affected by:
- Direct sunlight (under their influence the jewelry will burn, discolor, and lose its strength);
- perfumes, deodorants, hair-lacquers, cosmetics, household chemicals (organic compounds in these products cause clouding and ageing of the top layers of the jewellery; also, some minerals absorb odours);
- high humidity, sweat, sea water, chlorinated water (in contact with liquids, the metal oxidizes and a film of dark oxides formed on its surface, "flavored" with sebum and dead skin particles);
- Hit (stones can be easily scratched and broken);
- Friction (in this case the jewels actively attract dust and grease, which causes them to lose their luster);
- High temperatures and temperature changes (as the jewelry dulls or cracks when it becomes too dry).
Therefore, remove natural stone jewelry before going to bed, washing your hands and performing household chores, as well as before going to the sauna, swimming pool, beach, solarium, gym. Put them on after 20-30 minutes after applying cosmetic products.

To restore the old shine to a "decrepit" stone, a drop of olive oil, applied to a velvet bar. After this procedure, the jewelry piece should be wiped off the grease residue.
May your jewelry last as long as possible.