Do you close your eyes when you see a shooting star and make a wish?

The fulfillment of our wishes is directly related to the quantity and quality of energy, the level of chakra functioning, the state of the physical body and the energy fullness✨

The chakras are energy centers, each responsible for a specific area: personal life, health, career, self-expression, talents...

Looking inside yourself, through work with the chakras, you will clearly see the path that was hidden behind all blocks and fears☝️

In order for our desires to materialize we need to be in the RESOURCE STATE !

A person needs a conditional surplus of energy, because initially we use a lot of energy to develop and maintain the health of the physical body. And then we use the "leftover" energy to materialize physical objects: money, houses, cars, people.

This is why it is very important to pay attention to our 1st chakra to begin with!

The 2nd chakra gives energy to everything that is created by the life force, gives the primary impulse to movement and development - to continuation. The 2nd chakra is responsible for the act of creating any desire.
Without desire, energy remains energy and is not transformed into anything.

Without turning on the energy of the 3rd chakra, the desire remains an unrealized dream.

The 4th chakra gives energy for harmonious interaction - both with people and with the world at large. The more people are interested in the fulfillment of your wish, the easier it will materialize.

The 5th chakra is responsible for our realization and awareness. The level of awareness determines the most productive and environmentally friendly choice of means of achieving the goal and fulfillment of desires.

The 6th chakra gives meaning and awareness to our goals and desires, engages our abilities to realize (5th chakra), attracts the right people (4th chakra), manifests in actions (Z chakra) and activates desires (2nd chakra).

And the speed at which our desires are fulfilled is influenced by our vibration level!
Putting these vibrations into crystals, programming them, you will help your wish to come true faster👍

Tell me, what is your dream?