I was lucky enough to see the seventh wonder of the world-
Chichen Itza on the map is located in Mexico, 120 km southeast of Merida, the capital of the Yucatan Peninsula, and not without reason it is considered the new wonder of the world.
It is truly a miracle!
The scale, the energy, the play of light and shadows✨
The laws of astronomy are taken into account, and everything is so calculated down to the last detail.
This is incredible!

The architecture is striking in its power and consistency - Chichen Itza was built taking into account the position of various astronomical bodies in the sky, which played an important role in their beliefs and traditions.✨

- All the buildings at Chichen Itza are arranged in such a way as to create an amazing acoustic effect that amplifies the sound many times over.
- The most notable building of Chichen Itza is the famous pyramid of Kukulkan, the feathered serpent, the supreme god of wind and rain. Each side of the pyramid is oriented to one side of the world.
The pyramid has nine tiers. On top there is a six meter high temple where the sacrifices were made. 😱

This pyramid is notable for the fact that during the spring and autumn equinoxes the god Kukulkan himself crawls on it, giving people a real miracle.
There is also an observatory, colonnades, a temple of warriors. And a well. It was sacred: people were thrown into it. Why and why - CHICHEN ICA safely keeps this secret and many others🌍.
Have you seen this wonder of the world?