Clear Quartz is a universal helper.

But, of course, astrologers always allocate signs for which the stone suits more. However, in this case, the opinions of the East and the West are slightly divided.🤔

For example, Indian esotericists believe that the stone is most in harmony with the principles of the planet Venus, and therefore it is ideal for its wards - Libra and Taurus. And also the representatives of the water element - Cancer and Pisces.

Western astrologers are more in favor of the hard-working ascetic Capricorn, as well as Mercury's wards - Virgo and Gemini. And, of course, the airy counterparts of the latter - Libra and Aquarius. It is believed that the mineral will help them in gathering and processing the information coming from the world.

As for Fire Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, the mineral will be an assistant in all good intentions, and its transparent coolness will reduce the degree of natural aggression of the Fire element.

Do not forget about the mystical sign - Scorpio. To them- Clear Quartz will help to get rid of negativity, will make more open to the world and to people, will relieve from disturbing thoughts, and also will sharpen work of mind and shrewdness.

In general, the value of the mineral for all the signs is difficult to overestimate. In addition, if you have other minerals that you keep in one place, Clear Quartz is able to amplify their effect, working on the principle of the prism.
Do you want yourself such a beauty?