Strange as it may seem, but the time when studying is really hard is winter... Especially December, the end of the year, when we want to celebrate 🎁🎄

At school it is the end of a quarter, time of midterms and at university exams are coming up.

Fortunately, I have crystals which help me in my studies.

Amethyst is a crystal that is perfect for studying:
- has calming properties
- It helps to get rid of stress and find peace of mind.
- It helps to improve concentration.
- It helps with learning difficult things.

- Strengthens foreign language learning
- Improves memory, attention, diligence and determination
- brings good luck
- intuition

- Benefits exams, speeches, and other events
- It has a positive impact on the thinking process
- boosts self-confidence
- Cures new opportunities.
Which crystal do you prefer: citrine or amethyst?