Crystals for MEN

I talk a lot about natural stones, but I've never written on Crystals for Men.
Though most of my clients are men👍 When they come to me with a certain request, I solve it with crystal.
Citrine, tiger's eye and amethyst + sacred jewelry are very popular.

Most men don't allow themselves to wear
jewelry with stones as often as women.
So one possible way is to carry a small crystal with you in your pocket or wallet compartment. All of the above crystals can be placed in the place where you sleep, in which case you are recharged with their energy during sleep.

Another way to soak up the energy of a stone is to meditate with it. You can do this by lying down and placing the stone on
body, or sit down with a straight back, take the stone in your hand and immerse yourself in the sensations, feeling the energy of the stone fill your biofield. 👍
Crystals can help men manifest
the most beautiful and strongest qualities of their nature, to reveal their energetic and spiritual potential.
I am always happy to answer your questions and share my experience.

Give stones for happiness and good luck! And be sure they will bring harmony in your life👍