Many of us were raised to be good girls, I'd even say comfortable for those around us; I've always remembered a quote from a psychologist:
"often good girls live badly because everyone else lives well at their expense, smart girls live well" (doesn't equal bad!).

Girls, let's start loving and appreciating ourselves, creating our own comfort and taking care of ourselves, let's not allow ourselves to be used, manipulated and mistreated. Hear yourself and your body-what do you want?

Regular communication and work with crystals helps us change and grow spiritually, becoming a better version of ourselves.

And here's a list of crystals that I think and experience are worth having with me:

💎Amethyst is an anti-stress stone, develops intuition, helps you expand your view of the world and find answers, gives insights and insights, and awakens spiritual growth and awareness. Amethyst cleanses and protects you and your aura from negativity, attracting positive energy.
💎Tiger Eye - increases optimism, helps to fight anxiety and fears, set personal boundaries and cut off toxic people from your life.
💎Moonstone promotes sensuality, feminine attraction, intuition, new beginnings, inner growth, balances female and male energies. Moonstone helps increase fertility, regulate menstrual cycle and hormonal failure.
💎Amazonite is a stone of comfort, acceptance of self and good luck.
It balances male and female energies, helps to hear your heart desires and follow your heart desires, often brings good luck and joy.
💎Smoky Quartz is the most gentle and gentle grounding and stabilizing crystal. It helps you become more confident and again.
TAKE YOUR LIFE IN PERSONAL control, handle sobriety and stress, be in the here and now.
The crystal cleanses and protects from negativity, opens your eyes to the truth, instills faith in yourself, strengthens your connection with the Earth and your Higher Self.
💎Pink Quartz - lack of personal boundaries, low self-esteem, complexes, insecurity, lack of love for oneself and in general, constant guilt and shame, suppression of one's own sexuality, excessive softness, inability to say no to others, desire to care primarily about others, etc.- rose quartz👌 will help with these problems

What is your favorite crystal?