Most often, when we are afraid, we need to ground ourselves - almost any crystal of the root chakra (black, gray, brown, red stones) will come to the rescue.
For example, black tourmaline and tiger's eye (you can see beads from it in my store).

These crystals strengthen our connection with the earth, protect, give confidence, help us feel the ground beneath our feet, as well as get rid of fears and anxiety.

We should also pay attention to the purple and blue stones-this group refers to the third eye chakra.

💓Pink and smoky quartz help to feel safety, care, harmony, kindness, to feel the support that is so lacking.
💜Amethyst soothes and purifies, gives insights and insight, awakens spiritual power, clears negativity and attracts positive energy.
💜 Fluorite eliminates inner chaos and promotes the search for harmony and balance.
💙I always speak of Amazonite as my special love. It relaxes, makes you feel "at home - calm, cozy and warm".

In these difficult times we are on the brink of the unknown, and when you want to be calm and confident, crystals can help you 💎.

What is your favorite?