Did YOU KNOW that today, June 21, is Summer Solstice Day ☀️

Summer Solstice Day has a special energy. It is believed that the Sun on this day reaches its limit and has a positive effect on people.

From time immemorial, people on this day carried out rituals that can fulfill cherished dreams 💫

Some rituals have survived to this day.

Sharing the Rituals with you 🔍

On this day, try to be in the sun. As you take in the sun's rays (so the sun hits you), think about what you would like to change in your life. While enjoying the rays, breathe deeply, imagining that through your breath you are filled with the sun's energy, ask the sun for support✨

The sun's rays will infuse the crystals with positive energy. It's very easy to do: put the crystals in direct sunlight and leave them for 2-3 hours. After that, let them "cool down" for a while and sprinkle with water.

Make a talisman for yourself using solar energy. Take a yellow cloth and put it so that it is illuminated by the sun's rays. Put your talisman on the fabric and appeal to the Sun, asking from your heart what you need (for what purposes you make the talisman).

On this day, you should definitely wear natural stone jewelry (ring, earrings, bracelet, etc.). Before putting on your jewelry, do a ritual with it: put the jewelry in a place that is illuminated by sunlight. When putting on a jewelry, thank the sun for life and everything that brings you joy.

On June 21 (better in the afternoon), pick any plants. When picking plants, imagine how bringing them into the house, you bring good luck along with them.
*In this day, it is good to drink herbal tea.

Take some coins and three yellow (or orange) candles. Put the coins on a plate, light the candles with the words, "Candle burns - attracts money. Wealth and prosperity come to me. So be it!". Drop wax on the coins and keep them in a secluded place away from prying eyes.

Write your cherished wishes in the present tense, read them to yourself and burn them in a candle flame. It is better to bury the ashes.

The Day of Summer Solstice is an auspicious day to make a wish card.

Relax and get creative! Draw, sing, embroider - do what you like.
Which of these rituals resonated with you?