The crystals in my store come from all over the world: Madagascar, India, Brazil, the Far East, and Russia.
Later they are processed (depending on the properties of the crystal) and obtain an incredible crystal.
The mode of extraction of natural minerals depends on the depth of their occurrence.

For example, until the 19th century, diamonds were extracted by hand with a shovel and trays, by sifting through the rock.
Nowadays, special machines are used to extract the crystals from the deposit more quickly and easily. There are several ways of mining the crystals:
- manually using a shovel and trays
- By sifting through the rock.
For the extraction of crystals from deposits deeper than 0.6 km it is necessary to build mines. The kimberlite is crushed by a combine, loaded by a bulldozer and taken to a transporter. It is transported upward by wagons, and then unloaded into the machines.
If the crystals are close to the surface, they can be extracted using the open-pit method. For this purpose the ore is washed and filtered through a special sieve.
Deposits of precious crystals can be found not only in the bowels of the Earth but also at the bottom of the ocean.
Electrohydraulic robots controlled remotely are used for this purpose.
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