It would seem that we all come from childhood, and all without exception should remember how anxiously and with high hope we waited for presents for birthdays and Christmas Eve.

With much love and joy we prepared surprises for mom on Mother's Day and for dad on Father's Day. Where has this truly deep understanding of gifts gone with age?

After all, even presenting a postcard cut out of a scrapbook or a board with a burned-out picture, we were sharing not physical objects but our feelings and emotions.
Of course, as we age, some emotions inevitably give way to others.

As we get older, we get more irritated, more often get depressed, more offended, and for the most part we think about material things. That's the reason why we approach the choice of gifts with a heavy heart (and even with our sleeves down). "Life is so busy," a person will say, and, of course, will be right.
And here it is very important not to lose this inner child, who knows how to really enjoy even the small things.
So, and if we give something to someone ... How to combine in a single gift a pleasant surprise, sincere emotions, and the desire to please, and, finally, something worthy of its future owner?
That's where the crystals come in. Just read the reviews at my topical.
It is not just a beautiful gift. It is also very useful 🎁
Citrine charges with energy and strength, directs to search for new opportunities, helps to make balanced and conscious decisions, attracts luck and joy, multiplies creative energy.
Do you like to give gifts?