Astrologers say that clear quartz suits almost all signs of the zodiac.👌

Transparent quartz is best suited for Virgo and Gemini. To these signs it will bring a sense of lightness, give dreaminess and help channel energy in the right "white" direction.

Also suitable for Libra, Scorpio and Aquarius. People born under the signs of these stars will be able to concentrate and tune in to work more easily.

As an amulet natural stone is suitable for Leo, Sagittarius and Aries.

When combined with silver, it will give all the signs of the zodiac:

- to achieve their goals;
- learn to concentrate; - increase income;
- attract good luck in business;
- find wisdom and enhance brain activity;
- find peace of mind and relieve fatigue.

The mineral is also capable of:
- help cope with mental distress and problems;
- Heal on a metaphysical level;
- Absorb and neutralize negative energy;
- Help develop a woman's intuition;
- to find a balance between yin and yang;
- to teach patience, tolerance and help find a sense of inner freedom;
- to remove the weight of "time" and bad memories.

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