One of women's favorite pieces of jewelry is natural stone beads.

Of all the variety of styles, colors, shapes and materials of beads, every woman can choose her own: a modest elegant string of small one-color round beads, luxurious Murano beads, spectacular ethnic style or beads made of stones, crystals, wood, amber.

Necklaces, bracelets, beads like no other jewelry for women will reveal her beauty and individuality.

In my store you can find Amazonite beads, rose quartz, tiger's eye, lava rock, howlite, as well as a mala of 108 meditation beads.

To choose the right beads for you, use your personal taste👍

After all, you need the beads to accentuate your unique personality.

Usually my clients choose beads by color and type of stone and metal type. Each stone used in beads is unique and carries its own energy.
Depending on which stone you choose, you will feel their power💎

In fact in the first place is always the meaning and significance of the jewelry, and then its beauty. Feel with your heart - it will tell you❤️

But do not forget that you also need to care and clean the stone so that it fully shares its energy and beauty with you.

And if you need advice to choose a stone, I will be glad to help you.
Text in DM.

Do you like beads?