I believe that coincidences are not random. And maybe right now, after reading the post, you will change your life, your attitude towards it.

I have a few rules that I follow as a resource.
1. be myself. Not trying to be like anyone else. As the saying goes, all the other places are already taken - be yourself.

2. Don't try to please everybody, it's impossible. Do as you feel.

3. Smile, be happy about little things. There's a reason to be happy in every moment. Notice the details, listen to the sounds-don't run. Life is short enough as it is.

4. Don't procrastinate. There will never be a perfect-better time. Do it now, agree to it, and then you'll figure it out.

5. Show your feelings-love, hug, thank you. Talk about it. Yell it out even if you really want to.
Live it, feel it, enjoy it.

6. Do what you like, work where you want.

7. Learn, develop. There is a phrase to that effect: "If a man stops learning, he is an old man. It doesn't matter how old he is.

And now go and hug your loved ones, call them. It's so important🥰