Ideal crystals in their original form are rather an exception🙄

To reveal the beauty of the mineral, it is processed and only then the gem becomes part of a spectacular accessory or decoration.
Natural minerals without defects are very rare and expensive✨
Processing and refining stones improve their quality and increase their value: color, clarity and saturation.
As a result, the cost of jewelry is often determined by the stone👌
The method of processing depends on the properties of the mineral: its size, hardness.
This is important to consider!
The main task in the process of processing a crystal is to preserve the integrity and mass of the crystal as much as possible👌n the process of processing, I use the following methods: marking, sawing, sub-grinding (where the excess mass is removed and the basic shape is given), and then cutting, grinding, polishing.
I do not use chemistry or high temperatures in processing - this can damage the crystal.

Thanks to processing, the raw material in the form of an uncut mineral turns into a work of art.
This is a very painstaking work - in the skillful hands of the master, the stone begins to sparkle and acquire real beauty, a deep saturated color, a play of light on the edges.
In my store you can choose your own decorations or accessories for your home and soul. These are nice gifts for friends and family, that will forever save the best moments and emotions✨