The topic is very relevant. Here are a few options that help me: - Make time for yourself: It's very likely that the stress and busy lives we humans have keep us from sitting down and taking care of ourselves. But it's important to take some time and reflect on ourselves, which will allow us to get to know each other better. Stop, breathe, and ask yourself about yourself to reflect on how we feel and what we are. This will help us improve our personal self-knowledge. - Write down your strengths and weaknesses. It is very interesting to get into yourself and be aware of all the things in which it stands out and in which it can be improved. It's not about constantly criticizing, it's about knowing your characteristics. And from there, if possible, strengthen your strengths even more, and work on eliminating weaknesses. - Emotional intelligence helps us regulate our emotions and live a more balanced life. A person who takes care to develop this aspect will achieve greater overall well-being and better self-awareness. - Write down everything that makes you happy. It will be easier for you to write down what you like and keep it in mind just by having clarity of ideas. If you analyze everything that makes you happy, write it down, and set goals, you are advancing your own self-knowledge. - Don't let anyone direct your goals. You must begin to trust yourself and forget about the labels others may be minting for you. Only you decide your purpose in life and your goals. Working on this and expanding our own knowledge will help us take our minds off of what others say about us and focus on ourselves. Was it helpful?