How did I come to crystals?

People often ask me, "How did my journey with crystals begin?"
That's what I want to talk about today. In fact, my son led me to crystals and showed me their healing properties.

He has had a special attraction to minerals since childhood, once he put a crystal on my forehead, my headache went away. 💎
No one taught him or showed him, it was just like he knew it.
It was like he could feel what he needed to do to make me feel better.

He just knew of the great power and wisdom of our Mother Earth, holds everything we need to live happily and unleash our potential.

Indeed, children are often wiser than we are; they have a stronger connection with the Great Creator, without blocks, without social programs or stereotypes.

Children are often our teachers.
And it is very important to listen and HEAR them.
Do you agree that children feel more, brighter, than adults?