How do you know which stone is right for you? 🔮 Stones and intuition🤔

Stones are guides to the world of subtle energies. People who are interested in natural stones often have already developed sensitivity and intuition.

Approaches in choosing stones:

💎 Take an intuitive approach when choosing - if a stone appeals to you, it's definitely right for you.
Even if you don't know its properties, you may feel that it is the energies of these stones that you need.

💎 Stones fit the request, what states a person wants to attract, what qualities and life areas to improve in life.

💎 Also stones fit life periods. We live through different periods of life during which certain areas of life are active and where we need to direct our attention. Therefore, at different periods of life, you may be attracted to different stones.

A person can be attracted to many stones, the main thing is to learn to feel them and learn to feel your own states 🥰.

You can try to feel and choose a suitable stone in my store.

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