Obsidian over 15 inches tall🔥 appeared in my collection 

It is a truly extraordinary stone, born in the heart of a volcano, that would only suit an honest and sincere person.

Obsidian has a powerful protective power. It protects from negative energy, bad people, their aggression and anger. It is said that obsidian is also able to protect its owner, protecting him from committing wrong or bad acts. It suggests the right solutions and helps in difficult situations.
Obsidian is a powerful absorber of energy and keeper of information. Magical spheres and mirrors are made of it in order to see the past and future of a person. And talismans of obsidian are able to protect their owners, attracting to themselves all the negative, inverted in its direction from strangers.
However, one must be careful with this stone. Keepers of obsidian must be completely honest with themselves, and then this stone can bring good luck.
Astrologers say that, of all the Zodiac signs, obsidian is perfect for Scorpios. It is also good to have this stone with you if you feel you have clairvoyant powers.

An obsidian and rock crystal pair would be a good choice for meditation. The combination of air and fire stone opens the chakras and stabilizes the inner energy.
What do you think of my new black beauty?