1. Accept life - as it is (simple advice that is actually very difficult to follow)
Be able to compromise when necessary without resentment or anger.
2. Not to experience boredom. To be constantly enthusiastic about something and full of ideas.
3. Do all that is required of you and a little more. But not to worry about what you have done.
Be aware of yourself, your beliefs and feelings, and anticipate your reactions to events.
5. Be aware and control your emotions without suppressing them, find acceptable ways and times to express them.
Know what you want from life: in your profession, in your personal life.
6. To be able to forget bad things, to change your attitude to them.
7. Find a common language with different people.
8. To keep a positive attitude and faith when in a situation of uncertainty for a long time.
9. Don't hold grudges.
Forgive and be able to let go of events and people.
10. Make decisions
NOT based on emotions.
11. In every event that happens to you, see a positive opportunity for development.
12 Be open to positive new experiences.
13. Avoid emotional exhaustion and burnout.
Take care of yourself🙏🏼