How to choose a crystal by zodiac sign?

Many people choose a crystal based on the sign of the zodiac.

What are the right stones for different signs?

Aries is known for its ardent and energetic personality. The perfect crystal for Aries is carnelian! Not only will it help them recharge their batteries for new victories, but it will also calm their raging feelings. In addition, this stone will attract happiness and cheer up even the most stressful days.

Ruled by Venus, Taurus appreciates all things beautiful, especially love. Pink quartz will help this sign find their soul mate and get the perfect dose of romance from their relationship. By the way, quartz not only attracts love, but is also good at "healing" broken hearts.
Citrine is beneficial for mental activity and helps generate cool ideas. This crystal will help Gemini remember all the most important things and assimilate new information faster. A real must-have when preparing for exams!
Extraordinarily beautiful, the moonstone helps Cancerians get over worries and relieve inner tension. The luster of the crystal sends out vibes of zen and calm, delighting the Cancerians and helping them cope with sudden paranoia and unpleasant news.
The iconic Leo crystal broadcasts the energy of creativity and positivity. The tiger eye provides harmony in Leo's passionate desires and allows for a balance of desires and possibilities.
They have a lot in common, as these gems are known for their brevity and extraordinary ability to bring clarity to any complex issue. Therefore, a jasper is the perfect crystal for an earth sign. A red crystal will help Virgo concentrate on important details and solve all problems quickly and without loss.

And I will talk about Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces in the next post.

What is your zodiac sign?