HOW TO CONNECT TO the Metatron Cube through meditation?

This symbol is considered a kind of amulet that gives protection. It can be worn by both men and women.
It is made of stainless steel - does not lose color, very strong material👍(you can choose in my store)

So how to meditate with the amulet:
- First, you need a blue candle, a purple candle, or both.
- Have a picture of Cube Metatron. It can be printed out or placed on the screen of your PC or laptop.
- It is desirable to find a comfortable and secluded place so that nobody disturbs within approximately one hour.
- You can sit in yoga 🧘‍♂️ posture or on your knees. You may also place one foot on top of the other, bending them.
- Candles should be lit and placed very close to the image before beginning.
- To begin the meditation, detail the lines, the spheres, all the shapes that make up this symbol.
- And continue with the energy structure that you see in the image. When it is completely memorized, you should proceed to close your eyes.
When you close your eyes, you should imagine two points, one purple and one blue, which are located right in the center of the forehead, or rather, which are between the eyebrows, it is worth noting that this is where the so-called Third Eye is found.

As concentration increases, these lights should become much paler. Until a point is reached in which the white light that enters each person's being is visible.
At this time, it is recommended that we begin to interact with the archangel.
Now we can tell him about all the possible problems you have at this time and ask for heavenly support or advice🙏🏼

What do you think of the novelty?