How to define your style ?

Summer is the time of bright colors, impressions, image changes and unusual color combinations.

And how with the help of a small detail you can make your image complete?

Of course, with jewelry✨

Jewelry with amethyst is one of the most popular in the world. The delicate color of different shades of purple and lilac is very pleasing to the eye, and the smooth crystals amaze everyone who encounters minerals for the first time.

This stone helps us slow down, develop awareness and understand our purpose in this world.
It also:
- Develops spirituality, leads to an understanding of the essence of things and the world;
- One of the best stones for meditation;
- Helps to develop inner abilities;
- protects against negativity and converts it into love;
- helps in meditation to move from the mundane to a more contemplative world;
- For girls helps get rid of painful memories of old love.
- Recommended for the removal of stress. Amethyst helps in treating mild mental conditions; - helps in healing diseases of the blood, heart and lungs; - strengthens the endocrine and nervous systems, increases the activity of the right hemisphere of the brain, purifies the blood and improves circulation; - protects the wearer from skin diseases, headaches, wounds and aggravates the mind; - helps with insomnia, promotes healthy sleep.

Put it under your pillow to induce pleasant dreams or rub your forehead with it to relieve headaches - enhances intellectual ability and promotes growth.
Recommended for anyone seeking to enhance their spirituality🙏🏼
Complete your look with a piece of nature!