I hope that you, like me, love stories and legends. I want to tell you a legend about the miraculous properties of malachite.

It says that once upon a time there lived a mother and her son. One day the mother fell ill, and the doctor said that the only way to save her was to place an opaque green stone with beautiful patterns on her chest.

⛰️ This stone was mined in the mountains far to the north, and the son did not have time to go to get it, as the mother was rapidly getting worse. A visiting man said that two days away, Khan was building a new palace, and there was a lot of beautiful green stone for the front door. The son rode off to fetch the stone. When he arrived at the place, he waited for the craftsmen to leave, took a tile the size of two palms, put it in his pocket, and returned to his horse. Stealing from the Khan was terrible. He knew that if he asked for a stone for his sick mother, he would be thrown in prison, for the khan does not share his property with anyone...

Suddenly a guard spotted the thief, he jumped into the saddle and rode off into the mountains. A pursuit was organized after him. The fugitive did not make it to the caves in time and said aloud: "What to do? ' Suddenly he heard someone answer him. The horse said to him, 'Put a stone on my back and press your hands against it, then it will make us invisible,'" the horse replied. So they did. The guards rode past without noticing them.
The son brought the stone to his mother. The green stone was tied to the sick woman's breast and the disease began to disappear quickly.

A legend is a legend 😉 and malachite really does have miraculous properties, which I will definitely write about next time 🙏🏼.