The best thing I can do for myself at this moment is to love myself🤍

That's how my every morning starts.
To love all my cells, my organs, my body, to fill myself with light, joy and warmth.

I am loved, I love, and I am Love, dissolving boundaries and filling Hearts!

To come and live in this state, you need to develop yourself spiritually.
Read books that inspire you, listen to quiet music, watch motivational movies.

You need to hear your soul and its true desires. It might take you some time, because it's not always easy to look inside yourself.
It helps me to dive into meditation and start observing all my pains, fears, attitudes and programs and then reprogramming them into new ones.

After all, our reality depends on what our attention is focused on. How we think, how we perceive the world, and what we allow ourselves to do.

So ask yourself right now, "Who are you and why did you come here?"
You already know the truth of why you are here, and even when you don't know, your Spirit knows.

Just let it speak.
And also allow yourself to dream! Dream big🌏
And then, by believing your dreams are real, they will begin to come true.
Do you dream?