This is what makes a woman feel attractive, desirable and successful.
It is thanks to a woman's energy that we feel ourselves, enjoy life and attract desirable things.
If a woman is often given signs of attention by men, success and financial well-being do not force her to take thorny paths, then she has plenty of feminine energy.
Within every woman, of course, all four archetypes of feminine energy are present, but one always predominates.
It is necessary to remember that feminine energy and self-respect are closely connected, so it is difficult not to notice the decline of feminine energy.

If a woman has stopped liking herself or has lost interest in life, soon she may have problems at work and with finances, also her health will noticeably deteriorate.
If a woman has not liked herself, or has lost interest in life, she may soon begin to have problems with her work, finances, and even personal relationships.

One of the most important conditions for a woman's energy to work is rest. Learn how to rest. Make time for exercise and sleep.

Watch your diet. Reduce to a minimum, or better get rid of negative emotions and surroundings that bring resentment and do not appreciate you.

And, don't forget the secrets that will help you increase your energy:
Remember that you deserve the best and the way you treat yourself will depend on the attitude of those around you.
Next to a confident and self-loving woman and her man begins to show his best qualities, protecting and caring for her.
Once you realize this and change your self-perception for the better, you marvel at the speed with which your life will begin to change for the better! 🙏🏼
Are you full of energy?