Have you ever fallen asleep with the feeling that you're doing something wrong, that you're not in your place, that you're not living your life and you don't know how to move on and where you belong? In that moment, the most important thing is to ask your inner self, which is deep inside, and ask, "What do I want?" I was exactly in such state-at a time of searching for myself-that I came to the crystals, I sought them for myself, to understand what I came into this life for, what is my path and my purpose! In the beginning I used crystals to work through my blocks, my fears. I did not have the right stones on the market, there was no analog of such a store where I could find everything I needed, because for me it is important that the stone is natural and not artificially grown☝️ The place where it was found is important to me, the "age" of the stone is important because old stones retain their history, they are more energetically powerful. So there was my store with which I found myself❤️. My mission-my way to crystals-is my way to myself! To a real me, who SPEAKS and is not silent. She says what she wants and inhales this life in small sips, slowly savoring🌎. To summarize🤔 ☑️ Above all, I bring beauty to this world. For me it is important that one surrounds oneself with beautiful things-natural, nature-created stones or sacred jewelry. And what is most important is that everything has a purpose - an idea! ☑️ Self-knowledge is the second mission of my path. I want people to learn to listen to themselves, and with the help of crystals to discover their talents, their inner power and to live in harmony with the planet, with nature - to feel their power✨ This is my @roxxycrystals journey. I would appreciate your feedback in the comments. Have you found yourself?