Pisces is a good match for AMETHIST. What is your horoscope sign?

Very often, when getting acquainted with a new person, we discover his character traits. And, when a person says who he is according to the zodiac sign - everything becomes clear at once (where this strength, energy, activity or vice versa calm and slow).👀
Taking into account a person's goals and needs, it is possible to choose a crystal for him or her.

For example, lapis lazuli suits scales. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also good at helping to achieve the very golden mean that the air sign is looking for. The blue crystal encourages Libra to improve themselves and accept themselves for who they are.👌
Scorpios choose obsidian.
By carrying it with him, Scorpio will quickly achieve what he wants and resolve doubts in his inner world. With its help, the sign will be able to protect itself from negative vibrations and give a good boost to the intuition skill.💪
Turquoise will help Sagittarius to cope with stress and meet all deadlines. With its help representatives of the sign will be able to dot all the "i" in their long list of very urgent matters.
With a jadeite crystal Capricorn will build relationships with people and help to separate the feasible from the impossible. In short, jadeite will allow Capricorn to clearly understand exactly what he needs from this life.
Aquarius has a wide range of choices, but Aquamarine will suit him better than any other crystal. The crystal will help the sign to gather his thoughts more quickly and find a solution to any problem. Aquamarine will also help Aquarius to cope with emotional blocks and more quickly establish relationships in a new place, such as a new job or university.
And for pisces- amethyst🐟
The mysterious purple crystal will protect fish from negative vibrations and keep their fragile inner world in order and tranquility. Using amethyst, Pisces can finally stop hovering in the clouds and focus on real life, its problems and joys.