The beginning of the year is filled with hope for the future and faith in the best. This is the best time to invite abundance and energy to fulfill your dreams.

The best stone to practice with is the citrine. It symbolizes optimism, good luck, it carries the energy of the Sun and is considered a stone of success.

Take a blank sheet of paper, a pen, a candle and matches, and place a citrine stone nearby. Now dive into your dreams, think about what you would like to achieve this year, what you want to implement, what you want to change in yourself or in your environment.

Visualize in detail, in color, feel the joy of accomplishment. Once you have felt everything, begin to write out on paper each of your wishes.

After folding the sheet twice, place a citrine crystal on it. Put a candle next to it and light it. It is better to take a red candle which will symbolize desires and energy, or take that candle which will symbolize for you the fulfillment of desires. Look at the flame, you can say positive affirmations, repeating to yourself that you will achieve all desires and goals with ease and joy.

Put your palms on the citrine, direct your attention and energy to it, and then allow the power of the stone to flow back into you, filling you with sunlight, charging and giving an impulse for action.

Leave the candle to finish burning. After that, place the citrine at home in a prominent place. And put away the list of your wishes. Closer to the end of the year, on the winter solstice, this list must be taken out and burned.
How do you like the practice?