Reasons to clean crystals.

Moon wanes- energy cleansing period 🌙

The waning moon period is a great time to clean crystals and space.
When to clean crystals? 💎
- after meditation;
- If someone has taken a crystal from you;
- If the crystal absorbed someone else's energy (for example, if it is standing in a workplace with many people);
- If the crystal absorbed someone else's energy (e.g. at a workplace where there are a lot of people).
For each particular crystal, you need to choose the method that will not cause harm, will not disrupt the structure and will not lead to loss of aesthetic appearance!

💦 Water.
Hold the crystal under water for a couple of minutes, talk to it, tune it into your energy.
You should not wipe the crystals after the procedure. They should be left to dry on their own.

Leave the crystal in the sun for 2-3 hours. Choose an open space: balcony, garden, open window, etc.

⚪️ Sea salt
This is a great way to completely zero in on the stone.
In a glass container, prepare a salt solution. Leave the crystals in it (overnight is best). In the morning take it out 💎 and rinse with water. Let it dry in the open air.

Place the crystals on the surface of the ground and sprinkle a thin layer. After 15 minutes, take them out and rinse with water. Leave them to dry.
(Earth can be used from a flower pot with a houseplant).

Put the crystals on the table and make circular motions over them with a candle (you can with a prayer). After that, leave the crystals in the open air.

🌬 Smudging crystals with sage and Palo Santo sticks.
Indigenous people around the world have used smudging in ceremonial practices for thousands of years. It is used for spiritual cleansing as well as medicinal purposes and is a practical way to cleanse negative energy from a room, an object (like your crystals) or a person’s energy field.
What cleaning method do you use?
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