According to one of the legends, rose quartz is the juice of the earth, thanks to which one can feel the unity of all creatures on earth. Since ancient times it has been believed that rose quartz teaches people love and wisdom towards each other.

This stone is able to influence the heart chakra.
One has only to touch it and feel its power.

The healing properties of the stone:

- has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system;

- useful in diseases of the nervous system;

- relieves fatigue. According to legend, the main magical properties of this crystal are to create harmony and balance, get rid of stress, anxiety, sadness and longing. It is also designed to reduce emotional and mental upheavals, bring balance and stability to relationships between lovers. Rose quartz is a stone of creative personalities. For active people who are engaged in creative activities, the stone will help to discover talents in themselves, develop an existing gift, and learn how to cope with a creative crisis.
For closed and somewhat insecure young people, the gem will help open up, learn to be more sociable, cheerful and prosperous.
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And it is also known that the crystal has more power if it is given as a gift.

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Large Rose Quartz Obelisk: