The sapphire is the royal stone, as it has always been used to decorate crowns, scepters, thrones and other attributes of royal power.

The sapphire is considered the stone of heaven and has a powerful cosmic energy🪐🪐.

It has always been a symbol of wisdom, justice, purity, and spirituality.

Because of its ability to pass energy through itself and purify it, sapphires are often used in meditation (and if a sapphire is in earrings, it can always empower you with its energy).

It is a stone with a very strong but calm energy-you will definitely feel it☝️

Sapphire pacifies passions, awakens the power of the mind, strengthens the spirit and the will.

Sapphires are also very good for artisans, as they are able to bring out their full potential and discover new solutions. This stone awakens the urge to knowledge, improves memory and concentration, so it is worth to carry it with students and pupils.

Sapphire can be a talisman for unsure of themselves, it will bring them good luck and courage.

It is that kind of stone which is the strongest in my jewelry collection.
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You can also make a ring with sapphire to order to be a set!

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