If on Saturday you are slow, you do not want to do anything, the day is accompanied by delays, postponements and in general everything falls out of hand - it is no accident!

Saturday is ruled by Saturn, the biggest, heaviest Saturn,
problematic and slow planet.
In Vedic astrology, Saturday is considered the last day of the week.

* On Saturday, it is necessary to deal with the completion of all affairs, because Saturn symbolizes the end of some stage of life, summing up.
* It is not advisable to start new business on this day, to hold important events.
* Saturday is an unfavorable day for wedding ceremonies and rituals.
*Concentrate on what is important, Saturn's energy will help on Saturday.
Solve all problems.
*Do self-development, education, teaching, spiritual practices, meditation, yoga.
*Help the elderly, donate clothes to the homeless.
*Saturday is the most favorable day for healing and restoring vitality.
*Thoughtfully and calmly analyze your past actions and make conclusions.*On Saturday, you should not rush anywhere, you should slow down the pace of life and relax as much as possible, it will prolong your life.
*Try to spend the day in nature.
*Make sure you get on with your day.
*Don't cut your hair or your nails.
That's what my mother used to tell me))))
What do you think of this advice? Do you listen to the signs of astrology?