Sri Yantra. Meaning of this Sacred Geometry Pattern

Sri Yantra sacred geometry.

Creates material abundance in your life. Sri Yantra has an extraordinary power to fulfill all your wishes and change your life forever. The Sri Yantra benefits and powers should help us to fulfill our desires and make our lives better. It is meant to bring us wealth, both in the spiritual and material realm. It should also bring peace, strength, and success to the user. The motive should help to remove obstacles in life and remove bad influences.

The Sri Yantra, or Shree Yantra, is a symbol which is more than 12.000 years old. It contains remarkable complex sacred geometry and the golden ratio (Phi). It is also known as the mother of all yantras, the symbol of manifestation.

A yantra is an instrument or tool, for meditation and contemplation supports spiritual liberation

There are hundreds of yantra designs related to deities, principles, and planets. Used in ceremonies and rituals, yantra designs can be found on paper or bark, or created from flower petals, ash, and rice.

For mediation practices or “vastu,” the vedic version of feng shui, a yantra is embossed on a square copper plate electroplated with gold. The plates are then ritually “charged” by priests — meaning that the physical objected is “tuned” to a specific vibration or energy. Once charged, the yantra is viewed as a sacred object.