Aquamarine is considered to be the same color as the sea; it is also called "a frozen piece of the sea.
However, there are stones of different shades: from bright blue to almost transparent. Iron is responsible for the color. If it is present in large quantities, the stone is of a rich hue.
Aquamarine is reputed as the strongest healer, because it could cure almost any ailment.
In ancient manuscripts, there are records that aquamarine is able to cure seasickness, so it is necessary to take it with you on your voyage. It was believed that the stone can determine the health of the owner, if the mineral has changed color or cloudy, then his master was sick.
Wearing aquamarine around the neck may eliminate the symptoms of acute respiratory infections, coughs, and throat problems.
The mineral is able to bring back to normal the temperature that has risen.
An accessory with a beautiful stone will help to be sick less often during the season of colds: aquamarine strengthens the immune system, protects against viruses and germs.
Jewelry with the "sea" mineral is recommended to wear for those who suffer from allergies. Also, aquamarine will eliminate skin rashes, redness and other unpleasant manifestations, which arose as a result of contact with an allergen.
The stone can also:
- Get rid of bad habits;
- Relieve any pain (toothache, headache, intermittent);
- improve vision;
- normalize the nervous system;
- remove toxins and impurities;
- heal arthritis;
- normalize hormonal background;
- cure heart disease;
- improve liver function.
Accessories with the mineral are recommended to wear not only during the illness, but also in the recovery period. This miraculous stone will accelerate the process of rehabilitation and restore vivacity; it is enough to put it in your purse👍.
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