Stones for children⤵️

Why do crystals and minerals for children?
To soothe children, improve sleep, help your child overcome fears and feel safer.

Suitable for children:
-pink quartz ,
-lava rock
-mountain crystal ,
-agate ,
-citrine ,
-clear Quartz
-haulitas ,
-Rodochrozitas ,
-pink calcite .

Rose Quartz is a great help in stressful situations, as it emits a calming energy that will help your child overcome fear on the first day of kindergarten or school, or before an exam. Placed at a child's bedside, rose quartz improves sleep, especially used in combination with melsvuoju agate. These two stones radiated power will put the child to sleep.

Many children have dreams and nightmares, afraid of the dark. amethyst and rock crystal helps to overcome these fears. Amethyst energy also helps the child to focus.

Agate is loaded with energy and helps overcome stress and emotional problems. Blue agate saves those who need emotional support. It gives calm and determination nepasitikintiems itself. Moss agate color gives strength to start a new business and enhance their sense of worth. White agate calms and encourages timid children, children exposed to it before they start walking.

Citrine is good for families with children who tend to fight and argue. This stone removes negative energy from the environment and the debaucherous body and helps to keep peace in the home. Lemon emitted energy is a positive influence on patients, so the stone can be placed near the bedside of a sick child.

Rodonita calms the emotions, helps to keep calm.When panic catch up with the child, it is advisable to give him support. Rodochrozitas calms white-hot emotions and gives a sense of love and self-esteem.

Pink Calcite serves children who have experienced significant distress or trauma. It clears away accumulated negative energy. This stone is ideal for students because it helps them focus, analyze, and remember lessons.
Stones can help achieve goals, fill life with energy and positive emotions, and ward off negativity and distress.
But to make them work to the maximum, you need to find a contact with them and move towards the goal yourself👌