Faithfulness, love and harmony in the family depend not only on the mood and character of people, but also on the prevailing energy around.
And stones will help to create this energy.
Knowing the properties of crystals and what energy they carry, you can create a harmonious environment in the family, get rid of routine, domestic troubles, jealousy.

Amethyst helps to quickly and easily cope when partying with a loved one, evokes a good attitude of others to its owner.

Agate - it helps to create a favorable atmosphere in one's home and brings prosperity.

Lapis Lazuli brings joy to the home, creates an atmosphere of prosperity in relationships, gives harmony to the soul.

Quartz protects love, helps women to find a life partner quicker, reduces bitterness of old love wounds.

Amazonite is a family talisman. It will help to conclude a marriage, contribute to its preservation and strengthening.

All these stones can be used as talismans to always be with you (as jewelry, for example), or you can use them as interior decorations👌
In the carousel I attached examples of stones, which you can buy from my store😉
And may love and harmony reign in your home