There's nothing in the world better than knowing that you have loyal friends who constantly support you, respect your personal boundaries, and show up when you need them.
These are the people closest to you - the ones you call first when something meaningful happens, and the ones you need in times of failure.

Natural stones are great gifts for friends. But they can be worn as more than just beautiful jewelry. Some minerals have strong positive vibrations that literally attract to their owner the love and respect of people around him. Also, these crystals can be kept in your home to protect yourself from negative people, from envious people and ill-wishers. Even if these people pretend to be your friends, the stone will understand insincerity and protect you from bad vibes.
Take a look at these "friendly" crystals and choose your own!

Lapis lazuli is considered one of the strongest friendship stones. The blue mineral is known to promote harmony in relationships. It's also a stone of truth, so be prepared for your friends to give an honest answer when you ask them for their opinion. 👍
For example, about your new tattoo or the person you just started dating.
It will help you gain trust and respect in any company.
The stone of harmonious relationships rose quartz
Opens the door to sensuality and enhances empathy - the ability to empathize and sympathize with other people. It promotes trust and creates inner harmony. This stone also creates an energetic bond that is as strong as blood ties. Pink quartz ensures that you'll have a loyal friend who you can call at 4 a.m. just to chat or to pick you up from the train station.
Malachite and sodalite can also be considered friendship stones.
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