Talisman, mascot or amulet?

Natural stones and jewelry with stones can be a talisman, amulet and an intention holder.
Let's understand in which case your jewelry or crystal will be a talisman, mascot or amulet.

TALISMAN is aimed at attracting particular benefits in a person's life and is able to lead the wearer to the goal in the easiest way.
A talisman has no expiration date.

Amulet helps to keep what is already there.
This applies to family, work and health.
A amulet lets too much negativity pass through itself, purifying it. So, if suddenly amulet stopped your liking or began to look worse, most likely, the expiration date has expired and it's time to cleanse and recharge it.

Mascot or intention holder helps to develop and strengthen the 'right' trait character, to attract good luck and keep out of trouble. The main thing is to correctly identify the task.
The strength of the mascot depends on how much the wearer believes in it, as crystals very subtly feel the mood.

But no matter what shade of meaning you give to your stone, remember that their main characteristic and purpose is the same: to help the wearer 💫 When your magic power is turned on, the owner of the stone will get rid of all negative energy and will receive the help from the spell.

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Mama Oxana, [5/9/2022 12:23 PM]
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