The downward flow of energy is an energy flow from top to bottom⤵️.
This flow is sent to us by the Cosmos. Stand up, relax, breathe evenly and deeply. Try to feel the energy of the downward flow along the spine from the vertex to the lower chakras.
It will take some effort - concentration and practice - to feel the downward flowing energy.
So, the flow coming from the depths of the Earth can be felt better on the inhale. As if with a breath, the lower chakra pumps out from the depth of the Earth - the upward flow of energy.
In the same way, it is easier to feel the flow coming from the Cosmos on exhalation.
Try to trace the path of the flow coming from above:
this flow comes from a great height, goes through the vertebrae, goes along the spine and goes deep into the earth.

And the flow coming from the Earth goes vertically upward through the body - into the Cosmos.

Try to feel these two flows in yourself. After a few days of training, anyone can do it.

The incoming and descending energy flows are the central energy flows. They give man life and health.
Remember the feeling of two currents flowing back and forth in your body.
From time to time check if everything is all right, if this is how the energy flows in your body.
If you feel that the energy flows have slowed down, you can restore them at any moment, by making an inner effort.
"Pump the currents"-only when the two main currents are functioning properly will a person be strong, healthy, successful-and full of physical strength👍