The flower of life is an ornament - the wisdom of generations!!!

Do you want to get answers to questions and unlock any riddles? To do so, you must become the lucky owner of the precious flower👌

The Flower of Life is the cunning geometric plan of providence itself, generating universal harmony, one of the main symbols of sacred geometry. This sign symbolizes infinity, the beginning of all life and the perfect order of every existing religion.
All nations have found in it something of their own - unique, original, starting from the formulas of the golden ratio and up to modern crystal structures.

This symbol is for sure an encyclopedia of all the world's mysteries has absolutely everything💪

The flower contains a tremendous amount of mystery not always subject to our understanding. Every detail and all elements of the symbol are meaningful and not random.

If we consider the sign as a geometric figure, if you look closely, you will see such an intersection of a set of circles with the same radius: all of them are arranged so that they form blocks inside which we can observe a flower with six petals.

The flower of life, like a clear vessel, accumulates positive energy and gives it to its owner.

Dreams about mental harmony, opening of creative potential and strengthening of possibilities will cease to be more fantasies, as soon as you put on this adornment!

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