Nature is the progenitor of all life, endowed with extraordinary power. As a true mother she helps her children, heals, punishes, helps them get on the right path🍃

Since ancient times people admired the power of nature and were completely dependent on any natural influences. Now the situation is quite different, but does nature cease to admire its power?

Any grandiose natural phenomena can bring not only beauty and enthusiasm, but also total destruction, which sweeps away any achievements of human culture and people themselves too.

People talk about some ambitions, achievements, material goods, but all of this may not be in one moment🌪️
The latest news about the hurricane in Florida, typhoon Nora in the Philippines, storm Fiona in Canada, a mud volcano eruption in Malaysia make us think about the most important things.

About the fragility of human life and insignificance compared to the forces of nature😨

In such situations, one has only to accept and admire how nature can equate humans with the rest of the flora and fauna.

Thanks to such a characteristic, man can reflect on his own rather insignificant position in this world.

Of course, humanity as a whole has achieved much, but it is still dependent on nature. In simple terms, the power of nature still exceeds that of men and mankind.
Nature's strength also lies in its creation. The unity of man with nature helps to find mental balance, to cope with the manifestations of stress and depression. Alone with nature, a man can rethink a lot, find a solution to a problem that seemed to him not to have, to change the way of life. Rest in nature can bring peace and tranquility.

In today's world, when nothing seemed to have enough time and energy, a person as never before need to be closer to their roots, because during a vacation in nature, it is able to share its strength with a man, helping him to find himself anew.

Nature teaches people to be merciful and tolerant to each other and to our lesser brothers, she as a living being is able to protect those who need protection and punish those who destroy her.

What are your thoughts about the hurricane and natural disasters?