The symbolism of the rings.

A ring with tourmaline - for whom is it suitable?

According to Greek legend, Prometheus was the first to wear a ring made of a link in the chain by which he was chained to a rock. Gradually, the tradition of wearing jewelry evolved. They symbolized wealth and power, their presence on the hands determined the family status of the owner, and sometimes the occupation. The so-called language of the rings was formed.

It is believed that the way a person wears jewelry can be used to draw a psychological portrait of him or her.

Woman's rings on the right hand indicate the predominance of masculine qualities in the character of the owner: purposefulness; persistence; courage; persistence; willpower.
Jewelry on the left hand tells us about the romantic nature of a person. In such a woman there are more feminine features of the character:
A closed circle with neither beginning nor end represents integrity and unity, eternity and infinity.
It is considered that the ring's inner hole is a gateway for celestial power and energy, you can feel the divine breath through it. Any ring given by a man or woman is a bond and a certain vow: the union is sealed, the partners must be faithful to each other. It is for this reason that a man, when proposing to his beloved, presents a piece of jewelry: if the girl consents, it is secured with a ring on her finger, otherwise the man remains with the ring but without his wife.

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