Using Crystals according to the Lo Shu technique ☯️

The Lo Shu square is a grid of 9 squares (along the cordinal directions), taking into account the favorable shades and properties of the elements for each particular square.

🧭 North - Career: black onyx, black spinel, sapphire, aquamarine, rock crystal, lapis lazuli, blue topaz, hematite, white coral, black obsidian, black and white silver pearls.

🧭 South - Glory: alexandrite, malachite, ruby, garnet, emerald, aventurine, red coral.

🧭 West - Children and Creativity: white quartz, rock crystal.

🧭 East - Family: green jade.

🧭 Southwest - Love: rose quartz (love and relationships), rock crystal.

🧭 Southeast - Wealth: green jade, yellow citrine. Amethyst (stone of prosperity and wisdom), malachite, jadeite, emerald, And also amber - like the hardened resin of relict trees.

🧭 Northwest - Helpers: moonstone.

🧭 North-East - Wisdom: amethyst, pearls (as a symbol of concentrated knowledge, wisdom), lapis lazuli, moonstone.

🧭 Center - Health: rock crystal.

How to use these recommendations⤵️

For example, your task involves asking for wealth 💰. Check the list of recommended stones for the sector and choose, for example, amethyst 💎 - it carries vibrations of supreme wisdom and abundance. Then with compass find in your house corresponding square wealth (South-East) and work with a stone in it.
You can do the same with any stone, it all depends on your request.
Use crystals correctly👌.
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Did you know about this technique?