Well, what woman doesn't love jewelry with precious stones?

Thinking of these gems, a diamond, a ruby, an emerald immediately come to mind. But in the shadow of the royal minerals are hidden no less beautiful stones worthy of the same interest.
One of them is amethyst, also called the "stone violet".
A delicate, magical violet mineral hides a powerful energy. Thanks to its enchanting beauty, you can create original, luxurious collections of jewelry.
The jewelry stone represents sincerity, purity, devotion and harmony. The powerful energy of the mineral is able to give peace to the soul and inner peace.
In ancient Rome, it was called "blessed", which brings good luck, strengthens the willpower. Most psychics prefer amethyst because it is easily influenced by magic.
The magical properties of amethyst stone:
- Capable of clearing a place of collected negativity.
- The color of the mineral, purple, symbolizes the "third eye." Can bring harmony, enhance intuition, relax the environment.
- When meditating gives balance.
- Help to improve life - keeps the home comfort, protects against the evil eye, gets rid of negative thoughts, irascibility.
- Men stone adds courage, protects from ill-conceived actions during a conflict.
- Amethyst also has qualities for women. It will help to save the beauty, youth.
It also :
- Strengthens the memory.
- Heals a multitude of skin diseases.
- During a migraine, putting it on his forehead, you can get rid of pain.
- Helps with problems of the nervous system.
- Water with amethyst stone cures colds, cleans capillaries, but also liver and kidneys.
- It strengthens the immune system.
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